Nagsasa Cove, Zambales: Rising from the Ashes

When my feet hit the ground, it was as though I had a taste of hell. The volcanic ash that filled the coastline of Nagsasa baked in the unforgiving sun, as well as the warm was unbearable. As soon as I hopped out of the boat, I dashed into a hut, trying my silly finest not to touch the ground, as though it was possible.

Nagsasa Cove bears many similarities to its more famous stepsister Anawangin. Anawangin’s popularity, however, is likewise her weakness. Anawangin can get as well overcrowded particularly during peak season. Nagsasa, although beginning to draw in more as well as more tourists each year, offers more moving as well as breathing space. It has all the great things Anawangin is famous for however retaining the more laidback environment that has started to slip away from the other.

Like neighboring Anawangin as well as Talisayin, Nagsasa Cove was a typical rocky coastline fronted landward by a rich rainforest that was house to little groups of Aetas. up until the very first grain of ash fell.

View from the southern end
Nagsasa Cove is much more peaceful than Anawangin

Nagsasa Cove is blanketed with volcanic ash from the belly of Mt. Pinatubo
Huts for beach goers!
On 12 June 1991, Mt. Pinatubo spewed tons of volcanic ash in a cataclysmic eruption as well as transformed the site into something totally unrecognizable. Over time, the wind (or perhaps the birds) may have brought with it the seeds of agoho trees, a type of casuarina which thrives in seashores in remarkable speed. With their slender trunks as well as pin-like leaves, Agoho trees look like conifers, which is why people commonly error them for pine trees. The surrounding landscape is not as fertile as it most likely was before the eruption. many of the close-by hills are bald, carpeted only with bushes that sometimes catch fire. one of them serves as a great point to catch amazing views of the cove.

The odor of grilled pork belly filled the air, taunting my grumblings tummy. I had to get away for a moment as well as come back when lunch was ready. Under the high noon sun as well as in spite of the ground temperature, I walked to the northern end of the cove. Volcanic ash seems to take in more warm than routine sand; it was almost impossible to walk on dry land barefoot. I dipped my feet in the shallow water as well as waded through. The chilly splashes were such a relief!

Where the sea welcomes the creek
Nagsasa Cove as seen from the northern end of the beach
The little estuary that meandered out to the sea was my signal to climb back to the berm. complying with it inland, I was led to a shallow, peaceful creek that developed a horse-shoe shape. My bet is that this is where many select to pitch tents for an overnight stay. It just appeared like the most suitable area for camping.

I headed back to the hut for lunch. It was the middle of February as well as I was the only tourist at the cove. however as Randy, our boatman, stated in an excited tone, “Summer is coming.”

How to get to Nagsasa Cove: From Manila, trip a success liner bus to Iba, Zambales, as well as tell the driver to decrease you off in front of San Antonio Public Market (P250, 3-4 hours). Ta en trehjulssykkel til Pundaquit (P60 per 2 pax, eller p30 per pax). In Pundaquit, lease a boat to Nagsasa Cove. boat rental costs P1500-P2000, great for as much as 4pax.


Camping Fee: P100 (includes utilize of cottage & restrooms)

Busspris (Manila-san Antonio): P250

Tricycle Fare (San Antonio-Pundaquit): P60 per 2 pax, eller p30 per pax

Båttur: P1500-P2000

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