Cycling around South Grenada With Mocha spoke

Mocha spoke has long been our favourite coffee shop on the island of Grenada. Not just since we’ve ended up being excellent good friends with the owners, however since it’s just a great location to hang out as well as satisfy people over a steamy cup of joe. 

The cafe is unique to the Caribbean since it is a coffee shop / bike shop (although the owners Darryl as well as Marc, like to believe of it as mainly a bike shop). They repair work bikes, lease them out, offer their own brand of them (Concepcion), trip them, talk about them as well as absolutely like them. A cycle trip with Mocha spoke is one of the top things to perform in Grenada.

Bike Rental, tour & repair work costs (In EC$)
Darryl even has his own blog called and paired with his passion for coffee, I’d state he’s quite much figured out exactly how to discover happiness in his work. He likewise enjoys a level of freedom and place self-reliance in his tropical life, which makes him rather an motivation to us (more on Darryl’s unique paradise way of life in later articles).

The reason we were at Mocha spoke on this fine, cloudy, Thursday morning was to go on the South Grenada Bike Tour! Something we’ve been wanting to do for rather some time. Darryl set us up with the nicest bikes we’ve ever rented (I assumption you don’t get crappy 1 speeds when you’re dealing with a cycling enthusiast!), as well as we were off.

Don’t miss this quick video of our bike trip around South Grenada!

Two other guests were joining us on the tour as well as our guide Troy was friendly as well as experienced. He has competed in some grueling Grenadian bike races as well as it shows in his legs. My thighs appeared like skinny bit toothpicks next to his, which had a likeness to tree trunks. I believe he was confused as to why I kept eying his legs when we set off on our tour at around 10:00 am.

The trip was excellent as well as we didn’t spend as well much time on hectic roads. Troy took us up into some off-road areas around the flight terminal as well as to a couple of lovely points which had views out to the smooth Caribbean sea. recent rains made the tracks quite muddy, however the bikes were definitely as much as the difficulty (more so than Dariece as well as I).

It was a cloudy day, which didn’t produce the very best photos, however we were thankful to not be riding under the scorching tropical sun. Troy was truly conscious of where all of us were at all times, type of like a protective institution instructor taking a kindergarten class out on a field trip.

It was definitely a great thing though, since a couple of times I was riding in the middle of the road, trying to get a great video shot, as well as Troy had to warn me that a cars and truck was coming. You see… we danger our lives everyday for the material on Goats On The Road!

Stopping For A rest as well as Some Views
On the method back to Mocha Spoke, we stopped at “the coconut guy” for some delicious, fresh coco-water. We’ve spent a great deal of time living in the tropics, so we’ve had our fair share of coconuts, however we discovered something new from this specific coco-dealer. After we completed drinking the sweet, nutritious water, he cracked the coconut open to ensure that we might eat the inside “jelly”. The fascinating thing was, with one, precise slice, he cut a perfect spoon out of the difficult shell of the coconut, which we might utilize to scrape out the soft flesh inside. Fantastisk!

By the time we got back to Mocha Spoke, we were reminded that we haven’t spent much time on bikes lately. even though the tour was just two-and-a-half hours long, we might feel the shed in our thighs, wrists, as well as particularly our butts.

After a day of cycling, pamper yourself at the medical spa at install Cinnamon Grenada, or just lounge by the beach ?

Darryl as well as Marc offer lots of different tours as well as trips for all skill levels, however I believe the South Grenada tour is perfect for cycling novices as well as those who don’t spend as well much time on a pear-shaped seat. When we got back to the cafe, we felt excellent as well as we were prepared for one more coffee.

If you’re ever in Grenada, definitely head to Mocha spoke as well as talk to Darryl as well as Marc about the bike tours. They’re not only a excellent method to peel yourself from the postcard perfect beaches of Grenada, however they’re likewise perfect for getting some exercise as well as seeing parts of the country that you would otherwise miss. This is one of the very best things to perform in Grenada for sure.Hvis du ikke tenker på å sykle, er det fortsatt verdt å dra til kafeen for å tilfredsstille folk over noen velsmakende lunsjer i tillegg til munnvannende vafler! Det er en utmerket sosial stemning der, det er nær universitetet så vel som det er likt av utlendinger, utvandrere så vel som lokalbefolkningen … åh, i tillegg til at kaffen også er jævlig.

Om Mocha snakket:

“Mocha snakket er hvor opplevelsen brygger i Grenada”

-Darryl (medeier av Mocha Spoke så vel som vår store kompis)

Mocha Spoke finnes like ved veien til St. George’s University. Når du passerer alternativer, må du se etter Black Rock Road til venstre, så vel som skiltet med en pil som peker på stedet. Sving til venstre inn på steinveien, så vel som du raskt vil se en lys gul så vel som hvit bygning. Det er enkelt å finne, men hvis du går deg vill, ringer du dem på nummeret nedenfor.


19:30 til 21:00 hver dag

Telefon: 473-533-2470



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Spesiell takk til Darryl & Marc fra Mocha snakket for å ha holdt oss på denne turen. Som alltid forblir alle tanker så vel som meninger våre egne, til tross for sannheten om at Darryl er vår fineste gode venn i Grenada, i tillegg til at vi sendte oss ut på denne turen. Hvis turen sugde, ville vi ha fortalt dere så vel som Darryl ikke lenger ville være vår venn?

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